Normal days

Today I was reminded of how great a normal day can be.  I woke up this morning with a list of errands to run and a plan of attack.  As our morning progressed I found myself with no desire to do anything other than enjoy my girl’s.  There’s always laundry to be done, errands to run and things to be cleaned.  But what will not always be here is the chance to dance around the kitchen to Justin Bieber’s Baby with my girls for the 50th time in a row.  Time will pass, they will grow older and gasp at the thought of singing at the top of their lungs with me.  So everyday I make sure I enjoy them and truly appreciate the amazing gift that they are.           


One thought on “Normal days

  1. I read your post and it reminded me of this Poem. I thought you may like it 🙂 Hand Prints On the Wall(Author Unknown) One day as I was picking the toys up off the floor,I noticed a small hand printon the wall beside the door. I knew that it was somethingthat I'd seen most every day,but this time when I saw it thereI wanted it to stay. Then tears welled up inside my eyes,I knew it wouldn't lastfor every mother knowsher children grow up way too fast. Just then I put my chores asideand held my children tight.I sang to them sweet lullabiesand rocked into the night. Sometimes we take for granted,all those things that seem so small.Like one of life's great treasures…A small hand print on the wall.

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