I have to start by saying thank you to Josh and my girl’s for an amazing weekend!  We spent a beautiful Saturday strolling around the Lower East Side and stuffing our faces at a yummy Food Festival.  Corinne’s belly grew about 3 inches in 2 hours!  After a long ride back to CT I joined some of my favorite ladies for some drinks and more food!  As tired as I was it was so nice to laugh and catch up on each others lives.  Sunday morning I got to spend some long overdue alone time with Corinne.  Then after the girls napped we went to an uncle’s house and enjoyed good food and lots of laughter. 
By the end of this weekend I am not only full of yummy food but filled with appreciation.  Things are not always perfect and don’t always go how I want them to but I am one lucky woman.  I have so much to be thankful for and I am going to make an effort to enjoy them every day.  

Mother’s Day Dirt Cake, Mmmm!!!

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