Team Mommy

We’ve all seen the recent Time Magazine cover with a hot young Mom nursing her 4 year old son on the cover.  This article has every woman sounding off with their opinions, judgements, and women are viciously attacking this woman for her parenting style.  Why?  If our children behaved this way on the playground we would redirect them.  If our teenagers are bullying in school we speak to them.  So why do we treat each other this way?  Why as women and mothers do we not support and empower each other?  Pick one another up when we’re down.  Provide empathy when it’s needed and an ear or shoulder when you can.  Just imagine how different it would be if we picked each other up instead of knocking each other down.  We’re all doing the same amazing job and what works for one women may not work for the next, and that’s okay!  Let’s all make an effort to change.  Change our bad habits, our comments, our snide remarks, and our dirty looks.  If not for ourselves then for our children. 


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