Birthday Weekend

Happy 2nd Birthday to Corinne!  I can’t believe my Baby is 2 already!  I know it’s so cliche but it really does go by so fast.  What’s been great this year is that Corinne gets it.  When you ask her “Who’ s birthday is coming?” she raises her arm and yells “me!” She very cutely raises two fingers and says “I two”!  It’s such a difference from last year when she had no clue what was going on.
This weekend was packed full of fun things to do, family and friends.  Friday morning Corinne had her last dance class at the Rec Center.  It’s really cute to see how far her and the other girls have come in 6 classes.  I’m hoping to get her enrolled in an actual Dance School in the fall because she loves it.  After class we all went grocery shopping for the weekend and her birthday party.  We discovered these M&M Sweet and Salty bags, they are so good!  I think we ate a whole bag on the way home.  Then it was cupcake time.  I found online a tutorial for Sesame Street cupcakes and decided to take a crack at it.  First of all I need to give thanks to my Baby Cakes Cupcake Maker, without you I never would have made it.  I was able to make 60 cupcakes in about 30 minutes and they come out really moist.  The decorating even  went better then I had expected.  I try to be realistic about my decorating capabilities and not take on anything outside of my reach.  So I made Elmo, Big Bird, pink cupcakes with a 2 and a smash cake.

Not bad huh?  I was pretty impressed with myself.  The Big Bird’s can definitely pass for Chick’s though!
After the Girls went down for the night it was time to transform the play room.  This is what I was the most excited about, it really felt like Christmas Eve.  My hope was that Corinne would come downstairs on her Birthday and be blown away.  We brought up from the garage her new table, the computer desk and frame and the wall decorations.  I even took this opportunity to clean out her toy bins which was extremely overdue!
Here’s the room before:

And here’s the after!

Table for two!

Ready to start her own blog! 


First of many tea parties!

Needless to say she is a very happy girl.  She was so surprised when she came downstairs and saw
 the new and improved toy room.  We spent almost all morning lounging around, having tea parties and typing emails on her new computer. 
Josh’s Mom, Aunt and cousins arrived around lunch time for the weekend.  After a quick lunch we made our way to the park to start setting up.  Of course Mother Nature decided to test my patience and sanity.  All week the weather predictions were sunny, humid, high 80’s.  On Saturday there was a prediction of possible showers late morning then sunny for the remainder of the day.  Well, it drizzled on and off until we pulled up to the park!
The party was fabulous!  All Corinne’s favorite people were in one place at the same time which made her a very happy girl! The dessert table came out exactly how I had planned it and was a big hit.  After we stuffed ourselves with yummy food and sweets we cleaned up and headed home.  Corinne really enjoyed having her younger cousin Caleb sleepover. 

Sunday morning we all went to Paisano’s, one of our favorite restaurants for breakfast.  Hands down they have the best pancakes and homefries.  Sunday was spent lounging around, playing in the new playroom and enjoying each other’s company. Unfortunately Josh’s family had to leave early Monday morning, the ride to North Carolina is long so we really appreciate them coming. 
All in all I’d say Corinne had a great Birthday weekend.  Who knew turning 2 could be so fabulous?


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