Dear Corinne,
You are two years old now, I know that makes you a Big Girl, but you will always be my Baby.  It seems like just last night I was rocking you to sleep while singing to you and we were taking long naps on the couch together.  When Daddy and I fumbled our way through your first bath and dreaded cutting your nails.  I remember staring at you and wondering how it was possible to have so much love for another person.  Because of you I am a better wife, a better daughter, a better sister, and a better friend and I thank you.  
I just want to tell you that you are the coolest two year old girl I know.  You’re so cute when you wear your Divas and dance to “Baby Baby”.  Or when you’re just sitting in your car seat gazing out the window.
 I look forward to watching you grow from a toddler to an adolescent.  From a teen to a young woman.  And from a woman to a Mom and wife.  
From the day you were born I have been so proud to be your Mother and I am lucky to have you in my life.  I cherish each and every moment we have together and I look forward to many more. 


5 thoughts on “Corinne

  1. AWWWW!!!!! As a mom at the other end — sending mine off to college — you may want to print this one and save it. You know, for those days when the diva is just too much! Seriously, savor these moments. You're really just beginning.Blessings.

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