Summer loving

It’s only July 12th and I can’t even remember what the cold weather feels like!  This has been my favorite summer since entering adult hood by far!  The big difference this summer is definitely Corinne’s age.  She’s at this wonderful age where everything new is so exciting to her.  The ability to see the world through a toddler’s eye’s is invigorating and refreshing and has a way of simplifying things.  Corinne’s happiness is not affected by the size of a tv or the kind of car you drive.  It’s the little things that make her happy.  It’s seeing ants outside, or anything to with water, or a bumble bee on our balcony.  It’s hearing Call Me Maybe on the radio when we’re riding in the car.  It’s letting her pick out a “pretty dress” every morning with her “big girls panties”.  It’s the look of pure pleasure when she’s in a pool.

I’m a huge fan of warm weather and all the goodies it brings!


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