Liquid Gold


So over the weekend my MIL broached the subject of selling my breast milk, seems she saw something on tv about it and was wondering why I was not doing this yet.  So I’m not sure where I have been or how I missed this, but it is quite a booming market nowadays.  Apparently it’s the new “work from home” thing to do.

Since I am new to all of this I decided to ask around and see what some of my Mommy friends think about this.  A few Mom’s told me different stories of how they have donated to friends or neighbors that were in need.  A few Mom’s said that they wouldn’t want to sell, just donate to someone.  Many Mom’s were surprised that you could sell breast milk online.  There was also a group consensus that many of the Milk Donor Banks are on the shady side.  It seems that they take your donated milk, sell it to hospitals, and turn a HUGE profit.

After a quick google search I found dozens of websites for selling, donating, buying and accepting breast milk.  One of the websites was like Personal Ads!  Women created small box ads promoting themselves.  My favorite was “Creamy, healthy, drug free milk available!  As low as $0.75 an oz!”  Wow!  Most of the ads contained pictures of women in cute yoga outfits holding protein shakes or on a treadmill.  It was quite amusing to search through them.  And what was surprising to me is that women who are buying milk are asking for blood tests to guarantee the “quality” of the milk.  I am not sure who pays for these tests, the seller, buyer or insurance?

I would definitely donate my milk to a friend in need, although I must say, I have no pumped milk to donate so none of this applies to me.  Selling my milk is where I waiver.  I wonder, what’s the difference between selling breast milk and selling blood, or an organ?  Why is this legal and the other’s not?

So how does everyone feel about this?


5 thoughts on “Liquid Gold

  1. Wow – interesting. I had no idea this exsisited. Like your friends I would donate my milk. I know they test it and it’s ok to then give it to others. I can’t imagine buying milk from a stranger.

  2. I am not sure I could sell it either. I do know it has incredible health benefits. My one son had cancer and when I was researching dietary helps breast milk came up, and I know different Mommas in my cancer circle that continue to nurse long past an average nursing age because of the health benefits, and others that had a second child and used their breast milk with both the new baby and their cancer kid.

  3. Personally, I wouldn’t sell it. I’d rather just donate it to hospitals or give them out to the shanties here in my country. However, when I was still heavy on milk supply, Jacob took ’em all so whenever I would start a small stash of about 5 bottles with 4-5 ounces each, when we go out, he’d drink those during car rides since I don’t like picking him up from his carseat (not required by law here to put children in carseats).

    It is liquid gold! I cried over spilled breastmilk before. ;p

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