So many of us dream of the day we will pee on a stick and the pink plus sign will appear!  Funny how pregnancy symptoms quickly begin and we now describe ourselves as “Expecting” to everyone we encounter.  In an instant our lives change and we spend all of our time thinking about this wonderful miracle growing inside of us.  As a 1st time Mom I spent countless hours on my computer browsing the Babies R Us website.  Researching baby gear, the safest car seat, and filling shopping carts with onesies and bibs.

During my 1st pregnancy I began dreaming of my “Birth”.  I fantasized about walking the  halls of the hospital in my cute yoga pants and a sports bra, my messy hair looking adorable, while Josh held my arm and coached me through my contractions.  I would then crawl into bed when told I was ready to push and my beautiful child would be here after a few short pushes.  Sounds great right?

Like most women the birth of my children was not this glamorous, although they were amazing experiences that I will always cherish and I have no regrets.  Each of my births has taught me more about myself as a women, wife and mother.  Although I entered each with a plan and desired outcomes I have been careful to not have heavy expectations.  I have always felt that expectations are a set up for disappointments that I do not want.  My number one outcome was to give birth to a healthy baby and that was the most important thing.

So I pose the question to you ladies?  Did you have a birth plan?  If so, was your experience what you desired?


9 thoughts on “Expecting

  1. I had soooo many plans… some worked, some not so much. I had planed to use Hypnobirthing as my pain managment technique… once the contractions began, I forgot all about it! I did manage to have a natural childbirth as planned, but it was very different that I had thought it would be. As it was my first, I really didn’t know what labor and delivery would REALLY be like, but it all worked out better than I had thought, especially when my little girl was handed to me!

  2. I have a birth plan in my head but not a formal written one. I would have too hard of a time letting go if I made a formal one and it wasn’t followed. I also feel as if nurses and doctors are offended by birth plans and sets the wrong tone from the get-go. Knowing my patient rights and having a firm stance will hopefully get me closer to my goal.

  3. I had a horrible induction with my first.. I was told what I could and couldn’t do and I”m still convinced the nurses were trying to ‘pit to distress’ with me but once she came she came so quickly that the doctor almost didn’t have time to get in there. I was stuck in bed, on pit for 9 hours all for a baby who had ‘low fluid’ that wasn’t really low.
    I got my vaginal birth but not without the epidural and the nurses treated me like crap and the doctor got in my face and told me I “HAD’ to get the epidural
    None of my births have gone according to my ‘ideal plan’.. but the two after that were much more natural and much better for me. I came away from them empowered and feeling great about birth.. it’s part of what drives me as a doula.

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