Raising Awareness


I was recently asked by a friend to help raise awareness to a rally that she is involved in this Labor Day weekend.  The rally is organized by a website ImprovingBirth.org and it is a campaign to raise public awareness to evidence based maternal care.  I’m sure many of you are wondering what that is and why there is a need to raise awareness?  “Evidence-based maternity care” means that the care that is provided has been proven by reliable research to be beneficial to mothers and babies, reducing the incidences of complications, injury and death.  The site ImprovingBirth.org is full of research and statistics about VBAC’s and cesarean.  There are links for Mothers, Mommies to be and Birthworkers.  As a woman and a mother I feel it is important to always be knowledgable regarding our bodies and to enter situations informed.  These national rallies are being held over 100 major cities on September 3 and is currently the largest Women’s Rights movement in decades.  Head on over to the website and get informed!


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