Toddler Bootcamp




This morning the girls and I were up, dressed, and ready to go nice and early.  We had no errands to run or things that had to get done so we went to the park.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, today is one of those days that make you question why doesn’t everyone want to live in New England.

We were the only people at the playground when we got there.  Corinne took off for the slides and I plopped McKenzie down in her favorite swing.  I’m not sure if she loves this swing for the ride or the fact that she has the perfect view to people watch the entire park.  So as McKenzie is swinging and I’m taking endless pictures of her (what else would I be doing)  more and more people are arriving.  I notice that there are quite a few Grandparents, mostly Grandmothers, arriving with toddlers.  This isn’t too out of the ordinary but it does catch my attention.  So the girls and I are playing and I start overhearing comments like, “Faster, Faster” and “You can be better than that”.  I look around and the Grandparents were practically running a toddler bootcamp at the park!  I could not believe it!  There were 2 boys “racing” on the stationary cars and kids doing sprints up side by side slides.  I actually looked around to see if I was on Punked or something!  All of the involved adults knew each other and were “coaching” one another’s kids.  Let me just remind you that the kids involved were all toddlers, all under 5.

We’ve run into some pretty outlandish things at the park before but this takes the cake.  Needless to say we quietly packed our belongings and got out of there!  I’d like to thank these Grandparents for having to bribe Corinne with a Dunkin Donuts bagel to get her to leave the park so soon.  You owe me!


8 thoughts on “Toddler Bootcamp

  1. Lol! What was up with THAT? Maybe in was a soccer practice undercover? Because they couldnt officially call it practice at a park? Otherwise I don’t get that at all. Well atleast Corrine made out 😉

  2. Ahahahaha, that’s really funny! You didn’t want your kids to be ‘encouraged’ like that? hahahahahahaha Oh well….Dunkin Donuts is ALWAYS a good consultation prize. 😉

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