Change of season



So you know it’s the end of summer and fall is around the corner when we all already have a cold!  McKenzie started the end of last week with congestion and a low grade fever, Corinne was really warm last night and barely slept and my throat feels like it has been raked.  I took the girls to their pediatrician this morning to have the ears and throats checked.  Anytime they run a fever for more than two days I like to have them checked just in case.  Dr confirmed that it’s a cold and told us to follow the usual procedure, lots of fluids, nasal washes and tylenol/motrin.

On a happier note fall does bring about a change in cooking.  Yesterday I make a big pot of chilli and today I figured I’d be nice and cliche and make a pot of chicken soup.  I also made paleo coconut and mint chocolate chip cookies yesterday for Josh.  I say they were for him but we all ate them and they were gone quick!

Corinne had her 1st Dance class Saturday and it may have been the cutest thing ever!  She was a little shy in the beginning but warmed up and had a blast!  I’m not sure what was her favorite part, the class and wearing her tap shoes, or the lollipop and sticker at the end!  Either way she absolutely loved it and is so excited to go back.

Tomorrow we’re going to the zoo with my Mom in the morning and then McKenzie and I have Milk Mates (breastfeeding support group) at night.  Here’s to a fun and busy week!


5 thoughts on “Change of season

  1. I enjoyed this. I have been talking about autumn for awhile, now, and I cannot wait for the change in
    weather. The colors. Even the food (as you mentioned) changes and chili and soup are more bearable
    since it will no longer be triple digits! Yay!!! Lovely post. Adorable picture. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. The weather is beginning to get cooler here too and I have little ones with the sniffles. I love the picture too cute. Sounds like things are getting busy around there, but in a good way!

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