And it’s only Tuesday!

Today is only Tuesday and this is shaping up to be a fantastic week, where to begin?  My LLC confirmation finally came in the mail, as of September 9, 2012 Labor of Love is an official LLC!  Woo Hoo!  I literally did the happy dance at the mailbox which I’m sure was quite entertaining for my neighbors.  Once I received the paperwork I applied for an EIN which is like your business’s social security number.  Yet another huge step!

I’m so excited to announce the Grand Opening of an amazing new business TULA, Family Enrichment Center!  One of my bestest friends has been working so hard to put this together and has done a remarkable job, I couldn’t be prouder of her!  Please check them out!

I had a great prenatal appointment earlier today.  It’s so much fun to meet new couples and talk babies, bellies and everything else!  Here’s to hoping for a signed contract and being a part of bringing a beautiful baby into this world!

I got my 1st fix on Saturday!  StitchFix that is, ha ha!  I could not have been more excited to open that box.  I liked most of the items in my box but only decided to keep one.  I really like the some of the smaller things.  For example, attached to each clothing item was a tag that had  the item pictured in two different outfits, similar to Polyvore.  Also, each item had a handwritten tag from my stylist!  I have a feeling this company is going to very well.

I perfected my paleo coconut and mint chocolate chip cookies recipe.  We made another batch last week and added 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil this time and the results were amazing!  I wish I had more time (and more funds) to work on my paleo baking.  So many things to do and so little time!

With all of these great accomplishments and fun things going on I can’t help but feel so happy and appreciative.  I’m starting to get a taste of the benefits of all of my hard work and I want more!

So what’s new with everyone else?

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