Afternoon Spa Trip

So today I had an afternoon spa trip with 3 of my favorite Ladies!  Today is Elyse’s 3rd Birthday, who is the daughter of one of my bestest friends,  and we took the girls for Manis and Pedis at the cutest spot ever!  It’s a children’s spa that mixes spa services with food!  Not sure why they haven;t done this for adults yet because it is a fantastic concept!  The girls started by creating their own “Signature”  Body Sprays  which smell horrendous but they could not have been happier with them.  Both girls chose a White Chocolate Truffle scent, Elyse chose orange with glitter and Corinne chose purple with purple glitter.  They then picked out scented lotions and creams for their manicures and of course pink polish with pink sparkles!  Oh and I forgot to tell you that they were wearing Tiaras, beaded necklaces and bracelets with their Princess wands.  After their fabulous manicures they were treated to pedicures and had to sit on the edge of the sink because their legs didn’t reach.  To top it all off they were then able to create their own Sundaes!  Corinne picked out Princess ice cream which was strawberry flavored ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.  They both picked out some scented bath fizzles and probably would have bought the whole store if we would have let them!

Now, I am the 1st person to knock all the “Girly” things, especially the Princess hype but the look of pure joy on their faces was all I thought about.  These girls had so much fun today and I know they will remember this for at least a few months which might as well be years at this age!  This was the 1st time we let Corinne get her finger nails painted so this was a big day all around!  She’s painted her toe nails a few times this summer.

We will definitely be going back for more spa services but saving it for special occasions to maintain the magic and excitement of the experience.


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