How to save the day!


Happy Birthday Elmo!  The girls and I spent almost a week talking about how we were going to sing this to him, blow out the candles on his cake and do crafts with our friends the Minklers.  Well, at least that was our plan.

A local children’s museum was hosting a Birthday party for Elmo and we were super excited to go!  The morning of the party we dressed in our Elmo shirts and set out for the museum.  Unfortunately we were not able to attend the party and between my girls and the Minkler children we had 5 very unhappy toddlers.

So like most Moms under pressure we came up with Plan B!  We took the kids to a local indoor play area for lunch and I double pinky promised my girls that when they woke up from their naps we would have our own Birthday party for Elmo!  After a few minutes of convincing we were able to get the kids in the car and off to eat lunch.

While the girls napped I made some red cupcakes and searched our garage for leftover party decorations from Corinne’s Sesame Street party.  I frosted the cupcakes and brought their table into the kitchen for the party.  Although it was last minute I’d say the party came out great and they had a blast!

Elmo5            Elmo2




2 thoughts on “How to save the day!

  1. Hi! I’m a new follower….found you through Pamela’s Heavenly Treats! Love how you ‘saved the day’ and your kids are beyond adorable!!!

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