Beauty Tip!

Those that are close to me know that I am not a stylish and hip Mommy!  In my early twenties my high paying salary and living rent free with my parents contributed to a Designer Label phase, but other than that I have always been a simple dresser with an obsession with stripes.  When it comes to manis and pedis and accessories I usually fall short.  I wish I could blame it on being a busy Mom but that would be a flat out lie!  Before kids I rarely made trips to the nail salon, glammed up an outfit with some cute bangles or wore anything trendy.  It’s just never been my thing.  I am a die hard everyday make up wearer though.  And not because I think I shouldn’t leave the house without make up or anything silly like that, but my 3 years of sleep deprivation is extremely apparent without some cover up on!  Every single time I leave the house untouched I’m met with questions and comments about sleepless nights and needing a nap, yeah thanks!  Oh and earrings are a must, nothing super trendy or even dangly.  I wear the same Stella and Dot pair just about every day, I love and my children do not attempt to pull them out.

The one beauty regimen I struggle with is finger and toe nail painting.  I am not a fan of painting my finger nails, mostly because I stink at it and it always comes out bad.  In the summertime my daily shoe wear is flip flops so I am a stickler about keeping my toes painted.  Last summer I discovered the Fast Dry polishes and I could not be more in love with them!  They are the perfect solution for my impatient self and the colors are usually super cute.  The issue I seem to have is that when I wear darker colors, which I love in the summer, it is such a pain to get the polish off.  I usually only use a lighter color because of this.  We’ve all been there right?  Trying to take your polish off for what seems like hours and being left with tinted toe nails and frustrated!

Yesterday while the girls were playing in the tub I decided to take advantage of the situation and take my toe nail polish off.  Usually I use cotton balls (about 50 of them) or paper towels and of course there were none of either in our upstairs bathroom.  With two crazy girls in the tub, going downstairs was not an option, I grabbed a pack of baby wipes and plopped myself on the floor.  1 baby wipe later I had removed all of the CinnaWine polish from BOTH feet!  Yes, I both feet with 1 wipe!  I sat there in shock and disbelief while laughing at myself for how excited I was about my discovery.  So now I’m wondering, did everyone else know about this and I am just extremely late to the party?  Why didn’t anyone tell me?  Lol!  Oh well, I am super happy about my findings and will proudly add this to my list of all things you can use Baby Wipes for!



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