Sleeping Beauty


This weekend Corinne and I had a special date to see a production of Sleeping Beauty.  My Mom purchased tickets for us a couple months ago and we have been counting down the days since.  One of my girlfriends bought Corinne the cutest pink dress for another event that we are going to and she wore it today.  This dress has more tulle than my wedding dress did so of course she loves it!  It has been hanging in the closet with her cardigan and shoes laid out for the last two weeks and Corinne calls it her Princess dress.  We painted her nails, gave her a special Up-do and put her Princess dress on.



The show was during her usual nap time so I was not surprised when she fell asleep in the car on the way there.  Once we parked and I told her we were there she quickly woke up and her excitement resumed!  Inside she was in awe over the high ceiling and the beautiful decor.  The Warner Theater, in Torrington, is truly stunning on the inside and awe worthy.  Corinne had fun picking out a snack, getting a Princess wand, and handing her ticket to the Usher.  Thankfully we had great seats and neither of us sat behind someone that would blocked our view.

Corinne was a trooper throughout the show.  She clapped at the end of every song, told all the actors and actresses good job constantly and didn’t squirm in her seat.  We made a few trips to the potty and bought some more snacks but overall she did great!


One of our potty breaks!

Today I am participating in the Finding Family Link Up!  Please follow the link and check out some other great posts!



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