Days like these


Monday Josh and I took the girls to the city (NYC) for the day.  Other than being around our family, the only plus side to living in Connecticut is having the ability to wake up, get in the car, and head to the city.  While we were getting ready that morning we kept telling Corinne we were going on a trip which got her super excited although I’m pretty sure she had no clue what we meant!  The girls were great on the way there, Kenzie slept most of the ride and Corinne played with her Doc McStuffins bag.

Once in the city we strapped the girls in the stroller and walked!  Yup, we walked!  We didn’t do anything fancy or elaborate.  We walked around downtown, ate some yummy NYC pizza, and took them to Washington Square Plaza.  For those of you not familiar with Washington Square Plaza, it embodies all things NYC.  It’s full of people of all walks of life, different performers, and a dog park.  It’s great for relaxing, playing, people watching and playing.  As we were making our way to the park we found the Bubble Man, as I have nicknamed him, and we stopped to have some fun!

527094_10200392154878405_188278485_n 536227_10200392150438294_33295613_n 551363_10200392083196613_1874398689_n

It’s such a simple concept which was part of the joy of it.  He wasn’t trying to sell anything or profit off of us.  He was out there entertaining kids and having a great time himself.  Surprisingly the girls jumped right in!

After our bubble fun we walked about 20 more feet to a park and played with the girls!

549004_10200392085636674_835446542_n         733926_10200399359738522_440395915_n

It’s like days like these that are my favorite!  The four of us spending the day together not doing much at all!

mbmixerbuttonidea  Today we are linking up with some wonderful Women who happen to be amazing Moms as well!  Stop by the Mommy-Brain Mixer and see what else is going on!


7 thoughts on “Days like these

  1. What fun! Pizza and bubbles? Now, who wouldn’t love that, child or adult?! Glad your family enjoyed the city without extravagant expenditures. That’s my kind of traveling! I appreciate your kind words about the mixer too! Thanks so much.

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