Amazing Workshop Opportunity

I am squealing with excitement over here!  I am so unbelievably honored to announce that I will be hosting a Bereavement Workshop for Birth Professionals.  Here is a description of the workshop coming in October!


Birthworkers are entrusted to companion clients during the most intense, wonderful and joyous experience of their lives! But when a pregnancy does not go as expected and ends in miscarriage or stillbirth or a difficult or fatal diagnoses is received, how can we enter into that space in a way that is respectful, empowering, and supportive? What essential knowledge and heart-centered wisdom do we need when assisting a client through a pregnancy loss? In this workshop, filled with practical information and hands-on activities, Angie guides your community birthworkers through the ‘Ten Essential Wisdoms for Pregnancy Loss”. (ICEA accreditation pending).

If you are an aspiring doula, birth doula, postpartum doula, monitrice, midwife or nurse, this workshop is right for you.

Cost is $100 to the first 15 registrants and $150 after. Payments can be made via Eventbrite at:

Further information can be found at

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