Adventures in Walmart


So riddle me this one.  Why do people, most people, feel that it is okay or their right to educate MY children on matters of the World?  For the life of me I can not figure this one out!  I sure do not go around teaching other people’s children life lessons or schooling them on medical matters.  So what made the woman in the fabric section of Walmart feel that it was appropriate to have a conversation with my girls about skin cancer?  Yup!  Skin cancer!  Let me explain.

Today while the girls were napping I realized I really needed a few things from the store.  Normally I would drive the extra distance and go to a Target a few towns over but it was already a little late and I did not have the time for the extra driving or the traffic we would get stuck in on the way home.  So against my better judgement the girls and I headed to our local Walmart.  Anyone else ever watch that old show Super Market Sweep?  That is what I envisioned our trip to look like!

So we get to Walmart, I get the girls settled and we start tackling our list.  2nd to last on our list is 3 yards of pink fabric so Aubrey and I can add obnoxiously large bows to the back of our tank tops for our Run or Dye 5k this Saturday.  So we pick out our fabric we want and the girls and I wait for what seems like forever for an Associate to come to the counter and cut out how much we want.  While we are waiting a younger family is near us digging through the $5 DVD bin.  Now they have their son in their cart who is around the same age as the girls so of course he has Corinne and McKenzie’s attention.  Now the Fabric Associate comes over and begins cutting out our 3 yards of pink and talking to the girls about what she assumes I am making.  Corinne, who is ignoring the Woman, asks me why the little boy does not have a shirt on.  Perfectly acceptable question that I do not have an appropriate answer for!  Before I can even fix my lips to say something the Fabric Woman takes it upon herself to answer for me.  My Hand to God I am not making this up!  This is what she says:

“Yeah, he don’t have a shirt on.  That’s not good because he is going to get too much sunlight.  And when you get too much sunlight you get skin cancer.  And it makes you look old and wrinkly like me.  Do you want to look old and wrinkly like me?  No you don’t you’re beautiful, your Momma should have you in those Cheerios commercials.  Do you want skin cancer?  They say it’s bad, but you know how they are always making things up so you’ll by things.  Skin Cancer aint that bad.”

I really don’t even know where to begin!  It was just one long ramble!!!  Who does that?  1st of all I don’t think the sun exposure inside of Walmart is going to wrinkle this poor Toddlers skin!  2nd Corinne did not ask her why he didn’t have a shirt on she asked me!  And 3rd if she really felt compelled to answer my daughter’s question a simple “His Mommy must have forgotten his shirt in the car”  would have been more than enough!  And lastly, “skin cancer aint that bad”  really?


This picture has nothing to do with our trip but it’s just so darn cute I had to add it!


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