Falling back in

Good morning all!  I know it’s been a while since I have consistently posted.  We were super busy enjoying our summer and all of its glory!  How was your summer?  Did you go on any vacations, or maybe a staycation? We went to Sesame Place in July and had an absolute blast which I will blog about next week! If you are within a few hours of Langhorne Pennsylvania and have toddlers I highly recommend taking a trip!  Now that the warm weather is just about over and we will be indoors more I plan on posting more consistently.  Fall is officially here and we are falling back into our routines!

During the summer I was able to complete my Still Birthday Doula certification and I am now a SBD Doula!  I have to say that I am super proud of myself for this accomplishment.  Having two toddlers and a Doula business is a tad time consuming so being able to accomplish a certification in less than six months was not easy.  I also was able to attend two beautiful births which means I have met the requirements for my CAPPA certification!  Yup, this chick right here will be dual certified soon!

The girls are doing great!  McKenzie is turning two at the end of this week and we are having a Pinkalicious themed birthday party!  I cannot believe she is going to be two.  Seriously, why does it have to go by so fast?  Thought I’d give you a quick teaser of what’s to come!  These fabulous invitations were made by Stacey of the Paper Lantern.  Please stop by her shop and check out all of her fabulous products!


Both girls are super busy as usual!  Corinne started Ballet at a new school in September and could not be happier!  Her new school is wonderful and she is already learning so much.  She even has a uniform!  To say that she looks beautiful in it is a huge understatement.


They are also loving gymnastics at their new gym!  We decided to put them in a new gym for a few reasons.  1.  McKenzie was able to start in a Mommy and Me class this year.  2.  It’s less than a mile away from our house.  3.  It is a much bigger and serious program and since I am determined to have one of them be the next Gabi we needed that!  Lol!

1378178_10201451501681413_158900452_nSomeone was so excited to go to her 1st class!  This year she is over sitting on the sidelines and watching Corinne!










Stay tuned for many more posts including one later day showing off some super cute headbands!





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