Labor of Love


Labor Services

  •    Prenatal meetings, assistance developing a birthing plan, breast feeding education
  •    Telephone and email support throughout the last month of pregnancy
  •    Attendance during labor to provide continuous physical, emotional and educational support
  •    Postpartum breast feeding support in the hospital if needed.

Additional Prenatal Services

  • Childbirth preparation education

Postpartum Services

  • Postpartum care, breast feeding support, infant care instruction
  • Baby food making class

Mom’s Group


Join other moms and babies for an opportunity of ongoing support and connection! Joining a group can help to answer questions, gain perspective, nurture friendships, reduce isolation, and enjoy interacting with your little one even more! This group is intended for all Moms’ and their children under 12 months. The group has an open door policy with no commitment.


The group meets every Tuesday at 10am and Friday’s at 4pm at Tula, Family Enrichment Center 489 Middlebury Road, Middlebury CT

Contact (203) 527-7324 or

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