This is why

This picture right here sums it all up.  This is why I (we) do it every day.  Why I haven’t had a full nights sleep in over three years.  Why after all of the long days of refereeing, changing diapers, cleaning up art projects and doing laundry I still have a smile on my face.  Watching them together and seeing the love they have for one another genuinely warms my heart.  At almost 3 and 19 months these girls put smiles onto others faces, they make bad days better and long days bearable.  They are amazing little individuals who have beautiful hearts and I am so proud to call them my daughters.



Here it goes

So I know it’s been 3 days since I promised to tell my 2nd Epic Mommy Failure Moment but… Oh boy did things head In a crazy direction! When I wrote my last post on Thursday it was after we had attempted to take the girls to Coco Key Waterpark earlier that day. We purchased tickets via Groupon about 2 months ago and at that time I had looked at the park hours which said it opened at 10am. Well, unlike my usual super planning self, I didn’t recheck the website and we showed up for 10. Let me stop for a second and give you a little more back story.

On Wednesday evening we told the girls that tomorrow was the say we were finally going. As expected they were so excited! We went upstairs and picked out their bathing suits and towels am hung them in their rooms! Of course Corinne had to call Ha Cha Cha (my Mother) and tell her the exciting news.  The next morning when I went into Corinne’s room we found this:

375024_10200656230160122_222466313_nYup!  She slept in her bathing suit all night!  Notice her Dora panties poking out, love this Chick!  We spent all morning promising Corinne that we were going soon and that we had to wait for the park to open.  Well…we get to the park, lights are off and doors are locked!  Yup!  The sign in the lobby (only visible by pressing my whole face up against the glass door) says they open at 1pm!!!  So here we are, all 4 of us in our suits with our big bag of towels and snacks standing on the sidewalk in shock.  This is when I felt like the Worse Mom ever!!!  How could I not have rechecked the website?  It honestly never even dawned on me which is very unlike me.  I looked down at Corinne realizing that I now had to somehow get her back in the car and wanted to cry!  We explained to Corinne the obvious, the park was not open yet, and bribed her with a Dunkin Donuts bagel and a promise that we would be back very soon.  Needless to say she was not very happy with us but she took it pretty well for an almost 3 year old.

Well from here things turned even worse and it was all out of my control!  We let Corinne skip a nap, woke McKenzie up early from her nap and went back to the park at 2pm.  Nope!  Still not open, the sign was wrong!!!!  Honestly, I really think Corinne thought we were using this as payback for all of her tantrums at this point!  So we get back in the car, go home again with the promises that the park would open soon and we would go back.  Fast-forward 2 hours and we get back into the car and drive to the water park.  Thankfully the waterpark is only 1 exit from our house or this would be a very different story.  Now it is a huge thunder storm and pouring rain!  We pull into waterpark relieved to see the lights on and the parking lot full of cars.  Phew!  So we pile out (for the 3rd time) and run inside.  We join a large crowd of parents and over excited children waiting in line and I start wondering why we are in a line that is not moving and no one is going inside?  Yup!  They are temporarily closed because there is lightning within 10 miles, company policy!  I swear I am not making this up!

This is the girls on the wrong side of the glass!  Watching all of the teenage lifeguards running around in the waterpark and truly convinced that we are intentionally messing with them!


After about 45 minutes of waiting and watching radar we left.  Locally there were severe thunderstorm warnings until 7:30pm so there was not going to be any swimming that day.


These faces say it all!

After three failed attempts we did not go to Coco Key Waterpark that day.  But we were able to bring them the following day and guess what?  They didn’t even like it!  Figures right?


In their defense it was pretty cold in there!  And then there is this big bucket that fills with water and tips over pounding you with water should you be within it’s range.  Now for the older kids it’s a blast!  But to a toddler it knocks them to the ground if you do not hold them tightly and scares the crap out of them.  The buckets dumps like every 3 minutes or so and everyone spends the majority of the time worrying about when it’s coming.  Well we can’t say we didn’t try, and try try again right?

Epic Mommy Failure Moment

Yup! The title says it all. Today was my 2nd biggest Mommy Failure moment. You know what I mean right? Those moments were you can’t possibly face palm yourself hard enough!
My 1st moment was about 2 1/2 years ago. We were about 45 minutes away from home when I realized I had packed Corinne’s formula but no bottle! Since Corinne was only about 4 months at the time this was a huge problem! Oh and of course this revelation came to me as I was frantically digging through the diaper bag and Corinne is screaming her head off. So I feel like the worse Mom ever and immediately start crying, Josh who thank goodness is the yin to my yang in the situations, calms me down and drives us to a nearby Babies R Us. I run inside and by one of the ready to go formula bottles and a pack of nipples. I am in the checkout aisle literally trying to convince myself that Corinne is not going to contract some horrible disease from using an un-sterilized nipple and that the most important thing is that she eats. I get outside to the car where Josh is trying his hardest to entertain her and quickly assemble the bottle and nipple and hand it over to Josh and my starving (practically malnourished) baby and BAM! This Chick didn’t screw the nipple on all the way and the WHOLE thing dumps all over the both of them. To the point Corinne is now choking because it went up her nose! I look over at Josh and he is covered in putrid smelling formula and a baby that is screaming bloody murder. And now I am balling! I usually handle situations like this pretty well but not this time! I literally say down on the ground in the Babies R Us parking lot and cried. I vaguely remember Josh undressing Corinne and getting a 2nd bottle ready but I was too busy crying. Yup, face palm!
We’ve all had these moments right? Parenting is hard, being a Mom is even harder! We all make mistakes but when they involve and effect our children it hits us even harder. At the time I was convinced I was like the worse Mom ever and I was doomed to fail. Now, I can’t stop laughing at myself while I am typing this!
Well fast forward 2 1/2 years and I almost topped myself! What did I do your wondering? Stop by tomorrow to find out!


Paleo Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of our go to treats (as we call them) are these cookies.  They are super easy to make and Josh is always happy when he can have a sweet snack that stays within the Paleo lifestyle.  These cookies are also Gluten Free!


Paleo Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies


2 1/2 Cups Almond Flour

3/4 Teaspoon Baking Soda

1/2 Teaspoon Salt (I like to use Kosher)

1 Cup Chocolate Chips (soy free)

1/4 Cup shredded Coconut Flakes

2 Large Eggs

1/3 Cup All Natural Raw Honey

1 Teaspoon Vanilla

2 Tablespoons melted Coconut Oil


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  In a medium sized bowl combine all dry ingredients and stir.  In a separate large bowl add eggs and vanilla and stir until combined than add the honey and coconut oil.  Slowly add the dry ingredients to your wet mixture until combined.  Your batter will be moist but not sticky.

Spoon batter onto an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 11 minutes.  I tend to make smaller cookies so I don’t feel as bad when I eat so many!  If you make larger cookies than increase your baking time accordingly.

If you try these let me know and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Spring Fever

Spring has sprung (barely) and we are trying our hardest to enjoy some warm weather!  I know that by living in New England I should be used to Roller Coaster weather but this is just ridiculous!  Today is May 13th and I tjust turned our heat on!  4 days ago it was in the mid 80’s!  Blah!!!!

I really want the warm weather to come and to stay!  I promise I won’t complain when it is so humid we can barely breathe, or when I look at our Electric bill after 30 days of round the clock Central Air.  Pinky promise, I swear!  Warm weather and sunshine is so motivating!  It makes you want to start your day earlier, eat your healthiest and drink lots of summer drinks.  Okay, I know, I know!  I drink all year long so what’s the difference you are wondering?  No difference in quantity but my beverage of choice does change!  Don’t judge me, 2 girls only 16 months apart, enough said!  Back to my topic now.  I want warm weather and I want it now!

Here’s a few pictures of the girls outside!

942969_10200531947573135_2100472445_n    Most beautiful field in Litchfield, CT  62637_10200531949773190_478211359_n


399924_10200508526947634_1357423209_n  391123_10200506138687929_189541977_n  Oh and I’m sure you have noticed how huge the Girls are!


Rocking out with Sesame Street

Over the weekend we were able to take the girls to their 1st concert!  Haha!  So obviously it wasn’t a real concert, but going to see Elmo and the other other Sesame Street characters are as close to Rock Stars for these girls as you can get! 


About a week before the show the girls helped me pick out some blue, pink and purple tulle.  I spent a few late nights cutting, tying, and fluffing to make two fabulous Abby Cadabby tutus!  After a few tries and failed attempts they came out pretty cute but not very durable.  Oh well, they were a hit with the girls so that’s all that matters! 

Thanks to my wonderful MIL we had passes for a Meet the Characters Photo Shoot before the show!  I was most anticipating this part as I was dieing to see if the girls would sit with them or freak out!  Leading up to the day of the show we talked with Corinne (since we all know she leads the pack) about the size of the characters.   We were trying to prep her for the fact that they were going to be huge in her eyes and hopefully avoid her being scared.  It seemed to work!  While were were in line waiting our turn my Mom and I could see the excitement on her face which in turn helped McKenzie be excited and not scared.  When it was our turn they sat right on Elmo and Cookie Monsters’ laps and took pictures.  Now they may look like they were being tortured in the picture but I swear they were having fun! 


The show itself was tons of fun!  It wasn’t too loud or flashy that the girls became scared!  The storyline was cute and age appropriate and there was lots of singing and dancing.  McKenzie surprised us by dancing and singing through the whole show!  Corinne was upset that she could not get on the stage and dance with Abby but overall she had a great time!  Here’s a few more pictures of our day!










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A plea for Birthstories!

1362439534117       IMG_00368



So as you all know I am a Doula and i am obsessed with all things pregnancy and birth related!  I love reading birth stories and would love to read yours and share it with others!  If you haven’t written your birth story or stories yet I highly suggest that you do.  It is a great process for yourself and can be a wonderful gift to your children in the future.  If you would like to share your story with others please email me your story at

Days like these


Monday Josh and I took the girls to the city (NYC) for the day.  Other than being around our family, the only plus side to living in Connecticut is having the ability to wake up, get in the car, and head to the city.  While we were getting ready that morning we kept telling Corinne we were going on a trip which got her super excited although I’m pretty sure she had no clue what we meant!  The girls were great on the way there, Kenzie slept most of the ride and Corinne played with her Doc McStuffins bag.

Once in the city we strapped the girls in the stroller and walked!  Yup, we walked!  We didn’t do anything fancy or elaborate.  We walked around downtown, ate some yummy NYC pizza, and took them to Washington Square Plaza.  For those of you not familiar with Washington Square Plaza, it embodies all things NYC.  It’s full of people of all walks of life, different performers, and a dog park.  It’s great for relaxing, playing, people watching and playing.  As we were making our way to the park we found the Bubble Man, as I have nicknamed him, and we stopped to have some fun!

527094_10200392154878405_188278485_n 536227_10200392150438294_33295613_n 551363_10200392083196613_1874398689_n

It’s such a simple concept which was part of the joy of it.  He wasn’t trying to sell anything or profit off of us.  He was out there entertaining kids and having a great time himself.  Surprisingly the girls jumped right in!

After our bubble fun we walked about 20 more feet to a park and played with the girls!

549004_10200392085636674_835446542_n         733926_10200399359738522_440395915_n

It’s like days like these that are my favorite!  The four of us spending the day together not doing much at all!

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