3rd Birthday Festivities


We recently celebrated Corinne’s 3rd Birthday with a Music themed party.  This year we decided to have a party for her friends and a separate small get together with family at our house.  Not sure about you but this whole Birthday party thing is getting out of control and we chose to scale back this year and I am so happy!  Corinne, McKenzie and I have been taking weekly Music Together classes and to say they are in love with this class is a huge understatement!  They are constantly walking around singing the songs and making music throughout our house!  So when the idea of having a Music themed party came up it seemed like the perfect fit!

We started her party off with a 30 minute music class taught by the wonderful Leslie Pratt of Soulshine Arts Ct.  I give her a lot of credit, she ran a class with 18 children under the age of 5 and 13 adults and rocked it!


After our music class we all headed into a separate room and enjoyed some great music, snacks and a craft.  Since it was a party full of little ones we did a snack bar instead of a meal since we all know how much they would rather snack!  For a craft we made instruments out of plastic water bottles and some easy fillers.  The playlist was a mix of Motown, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber and Fresh Beat Band!

All in all Corinne and her friends had a blast!  Now get ready for the flood of pictures coming your way!

DSCN3820 DSCN3821 Passes for all of the Rockstars!




Can we talk about this gorgeous dress?  It’s one of those dresses that as soon as you put in you start twirling and dancing with a smile on your face!

DSCN3829  DSCN3832

DSCN3834 DSCN3831

DSCN3840  DSCN3848


How to save the day!


Happy Birthday Elmo!  The girls and I spent almost a week talking about how we were going to sing this to him, blow out the candles on his cake and do crafts with our friends the Minklers.  Well, at least that was our plan.

A local children’s museum was hosting a Birthday party for Elmo and we were super excited to go!  The morning of the party we dressed in our Elmo shirts and set out for the museum.  Unfortunately we were not able to attend the party and between my girls and the Minkler children we had 5 very unhappy toddlers.

So like most Moms under pressure we came up with Plan B!  We took the kids to a local indoor play area for lunch and I double pinky promised my girls that when they woke up from their naps we would have our own Birthday party for Elmo!  After a few minutes of convincing we were able to get the kids in the car and off to eat lunch.

While the girls napped I made some red cupcakes and searched our garage for leftover party decorations from Corinne’s Sesame Street party.  I frosted the cupcakes and brought their table into the kitchen for the party.  Although it was last minute I’d say the party came out great and they had a blast!

Elmo5            Elmo2




What better way to celebrate turning 30 than a night out with a dear old friend, bingo, and Miss Joan Crawford?  Last weekend one of my oldest and best girlfriends and I got all dolled up and went to play some bingo.  Now this wasn’t your ordinary bingo, this BingoMania was put on by the CT Gay Men’s Chorus and was hosted by the fabulous Miss Joan Crawford.  For both of us it was our 1st time going to bingo and we were extremely unprepared!  We walked into a huge room packed with regulars who were ready to win some money.  We were fortunate enough to sit in between two groups of people that were so welcoming and took the time to teach us the ropes!  And this birthday girl was lucky enough to win some money!  Woo Hoo!  I knew I was having fun in the beginning but let me tell you something, once I won, my mild gambling addiction and competitive nature kicked in and I was out for blood!  Ha ha!  We had a blast and made some great new friends!  BingoMania is something I hope to frequent more often!

with joan




Me and Jen