What’s Going On

I love to read other bloggers Currently posts so I thought I would do something similar.  For as organized and high-strung as I can be, I am extremely impulsive, so live in a constant state of being all over the place!  I constantly have too many things on my plate that need to get done and get done well.  I am the Queen of making lists and then having to make a list about my lists!  So I guess this is more of a blog showing my current priority list!

Get It Done Now:

I just finished the second of two books that I am reviewing for the wonderful Kathy Morelli and I have to get my reviews written up and posted.  The books were great and super informative but with my other readings I have to do I feel bad that I am taking so long to get this done.  Start my Community Project and Reflection Guide for my SBD training.  I am in love with everything I am learning and doing so far in this training,  I would like to obtain my certification sooner than later so I NEED to start my Community Project and Reflection Guide!  Get more homeschool organized, Corinne and McKenzie are loving doing “fun things” every day.  I would like to have a few weeks worth of activities and worksheets planned, printed, with their supply list, ready to go!

What I Want To Do:

Get more quotes and artwork on the walls in the girls’ playroom.  I have the frames, and know what I want, it’s JUST a matter of doing it.  Start working out more.  Ok let me be honest, I want to workout!  I am not one to focus on a number or stress over a size.  But I want to be healthy for myself and my family so I need to live a healthy lifestyle.  I would really like to know how others living in New England avoid the winter rut?  It’s hard when you are stuck inside day after day with the kids, I just have little motivation to be active.  It’s freaking cold outside!

What’s Going On:

Corinne is in the homestretch of Dance and Gymnastics classes.  Her dance recital is mid June and gymnastics ends around the same time.  Yes, we will be that crazy family that has like 30 people at her recital.  Hey, it’s her 1st and it’s also less than a week after her birthday so we are combining celebrations.  McKenzie is finding her voice and speaking it loud and clear in this house!  No more laid back and mellow Kenzie Bear!  She’s here and a force to be reckoned with!  My SBD training is amazing!  I am learning so much and it has sparked so much drive and enthusiasm that I need to reign myself in.  I am currently in the 7th of 8 weeks of online training and then there are two projects I need to complete.  I recently started a collection of tap and ballet shoes for Girls Inc which is a non-profit organization that is doing amazing things with young girls.  If you would like to donate some shoes or a Payless gift card please let me know!

What’s Happened:

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to speak on a panel of Birth Gurus!  I honestly was so low on the Todom Pole that I found myself listening to them speak in awe and forgetting that I was a speaker as well! I had some Labor of Love t-shirts made and am rocking them like crazy!  Ha ha!  Let me know if you want one!

What’s Caught My Eye:

Celebrity Apprentice, All Stars has us hooked already!  Omarosa drives me nuts but she makes for good rating so I’m sure she’ll be there for a while.  All my Housewives continue to crack me up and ! wonder what I watched before reality tv!  Nashville is still my current favorite and the soundtrack is amazing!

Well that’s it for me! Lol  What’s new with you?  If you do a Currently or a What’s Going On post, tag me so I can read it!

Team Grant

I have been trying to write this post for two days now.  Each time I start my mind starts to wander,  my heart begins to race, and I am left with a blank screen. 

Late last week an innocent and loving family were touched by a horrific tragedy.  They have had to endure the type of pain that is unimaginable and truly unfair.  Their dear 8 month old son had a bathtub accident and after a hard battle has passed away. 

My heart is just breaking for them.  All I keep thinking is that this is something that can happen to anyone one, any family.  It can happen to the most observant, hands-on, attentive parent on any given day of the week.  It could happen to me, to you, to one of your friends.  It’s just not fair. 

My sympathy and condolences go out to this family and all those affected by this tragic loss.  A Facebook page has been created and I ask that you please visit it and leave kind words for the Torkelson’s.


Read and Do’s

Last week one of my favorite ladies I follow Dani Hampton posted on her blog Sometimes Sweet how her and her son did a Read and Do.  They read a book, and than did an activity related to the story.  Super simple, yet fun for the kiddos and an opportunity to cram in some great lessons!

Last night I went through our library of books and separated at least 25 that we can easily do this with.  Some a craft, others an activity like a game or baking.

Today we were rained in, still sick with colds and itching for something to do.  I went to my new pile of books and grabbed If You Give a Moose a Muffin and headed into the kitchen.  Just my luck we happened to have blueberry muffin mix in the cabinet and all of the needed ingredients.  The three of us sat and read the book together, which of course they loved.  After we looked at the pictures and talked about the story we brought the book into the kitchen with us to make our Moose Muffins.  The girls love to bake and it is hands down one of my favorite things to do with them.


My Helpers!



Enjoying the fruits of their labor!  We had so much fun and we are going to do this at least once a week!


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Whole lotta nothing!

That’s what’s been going on this week!  Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing new to report or show cute pictures of, and nothing I need help with! 

The weather has been mild and thankfully we haven’t had any more snow.  Most of the kids returned to school on Tuesday and lost their scheduled February vacation this week.  I’m sure the unexpected 10 days off was more of a nuisance than well received by most.  What did working parents do for childcare for a whole week?  And all the teachers that had vacations and travel plans booked for this week must be unhappy. 

I am still looking for birthstories to post!  Whether you had a scheduled c-section, an unassisted homebirth, or a natural or medicated hospital delivery.  I want to hear your story and share it with others.  They can be posted anonymously if wanted. 

My bereavement Doula training is going really well so far.  I am in week 3 and enjoying all of the reading and learning material.  I have been doing tons of research about what resources are available in my community and sad to find that there is not enough.  I have found only 2 support groups within a 30 mile radius and they each only meet once a month.  I’m pretty sure that is not a good look for the two major hospitals located in my city.  Maybe that is something I can help improve in the future? 

This Sunday Corinne and I are joining some of our good friends at a Charity event.  The organization is Love146.org and they do an amazing job raising awareness for human trafficking.  The event is a Mommy and Me Tea party!  Corinne is going to wear her “Princess” dress so she is excited to get dressed up and spend some time with her friend Maddie!

Well, that’s my whole lotta nothing!  What about you?  Try and good recipes, make a good craft with the kids, or have date night?  I would love to hear all about it!


Sleeping Beauty


This weekend Corinne and I had a special date to see a production of Sleeping Beauty.  My Mom purchased tickets for us a couple months ago and we have been counting down the days since.  One of my girlfriends bought Corinne the cutest pink dress for another event that we are going to and she wore it today.  This dress has more tulle than my wedding dress did so of course she loves it!  It has been hanging in the closet with her cardigan and shoes laid out for the last two weeks and Corinne calls it her Princess dress.  We painted her nails, gave her a special Up-do and put her Princess dress on.



The show was during her usual nap time so I was not surprised when she fell asleep in the car on the way there.  Once we parked and I told her we were there she quickly woke up and her excitement resumed!  Inside she was in awe over the high ceiling and the beautiful decor.  The Warner Theater, in Torrington, is truly stunning on the inside and awe worthy.  Corinne had fun picking out a snack, getting a Princess wand, and handing her ticket to the Usher.  Thankfully we had great seats and neither of us sat behind someone that would blocked our view.

Corinne was a trooper throughout the show.  She clapped at the end of every song, told all the actors and actresses good job constantly and didn’t squirm in her seat.  We made a few trips to the potty and bought some more snacks but overall she did great!


One of our potty breaks!

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Winter Makeover

Yeah!  I am so excited to show what has been in the works.  Stacey over at SnapShots Design decided to grace me with a website makeover and I could not be more in love!  The funny part is that I was truly in love with the original site and was not expecting this! 

Stacey has been working with me since day one of starting Labor of Love and I honestly can say that I would not be where I am today without her.  As a new small business owner it has been so nice to have someone that collaborates with me and has taken the time to ensure that my personality shows through her professional work.  I highly recommend SnapShots Design for whatever graphics design work you may need done. 

Go over to the new site and tell me what you think!





Today is Monday and it is Day 4 of Cabin Fever!  Friday am the snow started and brought us over 30 inches, fast forward to today and it is sleeting and there is ice everywhere so we will be in the house yet another day.  The Governor has again told all nonessential state employees to remain home and at least 80% of our schools remain closed.  I wish I could say that I have some great activities lined up for today but I can’t.  I am over baking, we’ve crafted until our fingers are sore, and if I eat any more junk food my pants will never fit again.  The house is surprisingly very clean and there is no laundry to be done.  Oh!  I forgot to mention that Josh is going to work today and I have been up with McKenzie since 5am!  I have lots of reading to do but that is an impossible task while the girls are awake so I ‘ll get some of that done during naptime. 

I need help!  Please send me something to do!  You know, that one game or activity that is always a hit with your kiddos. 






I am so excited to announce some great news!  A few months ago a few of my good girlfriends and I decided to start a group blog!  It’s called How I Met These Mothers and we have been live for a few weeks now.  Our goal is to show that no two Moms are the same, and although we may have similar parenting styles or beliefs, we each our following our own path.  So please go over to our blog and check us out!  We would love your feedback and your follow!