Easter Festivities

Like most Holidays, Easter came with a new excitement now that we have the girls.  Being able to experience the festivities with them and seeing the genuine joy that they feel is truly something remarkable.  It also is an ongoing reminder to take time and enjoy every moment of every day.

We started our Easter weekend with a small egg hunt at a friends’ house on Friday.  It was the perfect introduction to this tradition for McKenzie, and Corinne.  It was also the first semi-warm day since last Fall so it was nice to be outside!  The girls and the other kiddos there had a blast!

DSCN3584   DSCN3560

Saturday was our usual routine of Gymnastics and Dance classes for Corinne and I.  The rest of the day was spent running into a million and one stores for all of the last minute items and our weekly grocery shopping.  Before the girls went up to bed they left their baskets out for the Easter Bunny so he could leave them some treats!  After the girls went to sleep Josh, Tiago (our room mate) and I started putting together their Easter baskets.  To me, Easter baskets are more about the thought and are for fun.  I never even knew until after high school that it was possible to buy the pre-made wrapped in cellophane kind.  Not that there is anything wrong with those, it just takes all of the fun out of it for me!  I enjoy doing these little things for them.  We filled our eggs with jelly beans, stuffed their baskets, and set up the table for them.  With two dogs in the house that are especially found of all things candy, the baskets needed to be up high!


Thankfully the Easter Bunny was finally able to get his paws on the Doc McStuffins doctor’s kit that a certain little girl has been wanting for months!

Corinne and McKenzie woke up bright and early Sunday morning excited to see what treats the Easter Bunny left for them!  Lol!  They were very happy and excited when they came down and saw the easter eggs throughout the downstairs, the baskets on the table, and a note the Easter Bunny left for them.


DSCN3613   DSCN3628 DSCN3609 DSCN3630

 I know you love Corinne’s fabulous outfit!  Her new thing is to “change her outfit”  after we put her to bed every night.  It is amusing to see what she has created every morning when she wakes up!

For Easter dinner we went to a lovely families house!  They are a great big Italian family, that love to eat, laugh and spoil our girls!  Ha ha!  The food is amazing and I always eat too much while we’re there and bring home way too much food!  Besides the amazing hospitality, one of the highlights of spending time with this family is listening to the Women talk about their labor stories and breastfeeding their little one’s.  It’s so cool to hear them talk about nursing, there is an absence of bragging or needing to prove themselves, it was just what was done.  They all nursed one another’s kids when needed too!

All in all Easter was a blast this year!  The girls had so much fun which always makes Josh and I happy.  How was your Easter?  I would love to hear how you spent it and see pictures!  If you wrote your own Easter post link it in the comments!