Our new favorite!


I am always looking for fun activities that will entertain the girls and best case scenario teach them something at the same time.  A few weeks ago a friend posted a picture of her daughter sitting on the kitchen floor with a few pipe cleaners and a strainer and I thought it was such a great idea!  Today I tried it with McKenzie and it was a hit!  It took her a few tries to get it but than it was smooth sailing.  After she mastered getting them in I showed her how to bed the other side in.

This was the perfect activity for McKenzie while I was cooking dinner.  I gave her 5 pipe cleaners and she would put them in.  Clap for herself. Take them all out.  Then do it all over again!

ImageA few pipe cleaners and a bowl of some Rainbow pasta entertained Corinne.  We turned them into necklaces for everyone when she was done!

What about you?  What are your go to activities for you kids?

Read and Do’s

Last week one of my favorite ladies I follow Dani Hampton posted on her blog Sometimes Sweet how her and her son did a Read and Do.  They read a book, and than did an activity related to the story.  Super simple, yet fun for the kiddos and an opportunity to cram in some great lessons!

Last night I went through our library of books and separated at least 25 that we can easily do this with.  Some a craft, others an activity like a game or baking.

Today we were rained in, still sick with colds and itching for something to do.  I went to my new pile of books and grabbed If You Give a Moose a Muffin and headed into the kitchen.  Just my luck we happened to have blueberry muffin mix in the cabinet and all of the needed ingredients.  The three of us sat and read the book together, which of course they loved.  After we looked at the pictures and talked about the story we brought the book into the kitchen with us to make our Moose Muffins.  The girls love to bake and it is hands down one of my favorite things to do with them.


My Helpers!



Enjoying the fruits of their labor!  We had so much fun and we are going to do this at least once a week!


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