Precious Storage

Every now and then my creative sparks ignite and I come up with what I think is a great idea!  This happened recently and the outcome was a great storage idea for my girls artwork!

ImageThat’s it!  A plain old 3 Ring Binder from Staples!  Ha ha!  I bought 2 packs of the plastic sheet protectors and filled a large (2.5 inch) 3 Ring binder with them.

ImageI don’t save every picture that they make but the extra specials ones that I feel are keepers are stored neatly in this binder which has a home in our craft closet.  Their letters to Santa, Birthday wish lists and a picture they made for Father’s Day are a few that are special to me.  I am not the most sentimental person and I struggle with a compulsive urge to throw everything out in order to avoid clutter.  But I know that I love looking at anything and everything that my Mom saved from my childhood so I’m sure they will be the same.  So for me, this system is perfect!

What are your storage techniques?  I would love to hear how others save their artwork and avoid clutter.

Today I am participating in the Mommy-Brain Mixer!  Follow this link to read some great Mommy Blogs!


Yogurt Melts


Yesterday the girls and I tried out a recipe that I have seen Pinterest a few times and as usual we added our own twist to it!  One of McKenzie’s favorite things to eat is yogurt so she was in her glory!  Here’s the quick and easy to follow recipe!

What you will need

Your favorite yogurt

A gallon sized freezer bag

Pair of scissors

Cookie sheet or silicone ice cube tray

We have these cute heart shaped ice cube trays, so in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and since I’m super girly we used these.  You can use a cookie sheet or any silicone ice cube tray.


I spooned about a cup of yogurt into a gallon sized freezer bag and snipped one of the bottom corners.  We filled each heart to the top and gave a little shake to get the air bubbles out.  If you are using a cookie sheet then make dots (about a tablespoons worth) on your cookie sheet.  Once we were filled and bubble free we popped it into the freezer and let it set for about two hours!  The girls helped me pop them out and had them for an afternoon snack.  If you have some leftover store them in the freezer or they will melt.  As always have fun and enjoy!