The right to vote

As a Mom I am always trying to make sure I teach my Girls right from wrong, how to treat others, how they should be treated, and what’s truly important in life.  For me personally, I feel like this is my job, I owe it to them as someone who brought them into this world, and it is not something I take lightly.  On a lighter note, I truly enjoy this part of parenting and all of the fun that it brings to our day to day lives.

As we all know this past November was our most recent Presidential Election.  At this point the girls are too young to understand politics and the workings of our Government, but Corinne does understand rules and the concept of who’s in charge.  Josh is very involved in day to day politics and as a family we followed this election closely.  When watching news coverage or discussing poll ratings at the dinner table we would receive  the usual question from Corinne, “Whatcha talking bout Mommy?”! We would explain to her that we were talking about the President which she would then ask who that was (lovely toddler conversations) and we would tell her Obama, he is our President now.  To me it’s important to teach the girls who our President is, regardless of my opinion of him or her, and then at some point in the future explain to them the difference between Republicans and Democrats and the voting process!

The days leading up to Election Day I repeatedly talked about how we were all going to go and vote for our President.  I explained the process with much enthusiasm and made sure I always finished my story with a promise of a sticker at the end.  Needless to say, this little Mommy was very excited for Election Day!  The actual voting process with the girls was a blast!  We went to our local high school that we are designated to and luckily there were no lines!  Which as a Mom to two young girls was great, but as an American citizen was concerning to me.  The previous election the lines were out the doors and we had a long wait.  I was worried that people weren’t getting out and voting like they should.  We literally walked right in, verified our identities and walked right up to a booth.  Now this was my 2nd point of disappointment.  Growing up I always went to the Town Hall and voted with my Mom.  The voting booths were the old fashioned ones were you had to pull the curtain closed with this big handle, you voted by pushing down a metal lever and when you opened the curtain again it entered your votes and reset the machine.  It was like a giant typewriter!  These new booths paled  in comparison with the excitement factor.  They were student desks with a partition for privacy.  To vote we just marked some circles on a piece of paper and done, boring!

I did manage to take some pictures as we exercised our Constitutional rights!  Pretty sure you’re not supposed to but what the hay!

voting 1

After we “voted”  we came to my 3rd disappointment when we realized that we were NOT going to get the I Voted Stickers!  I still can not get over this, I felt cheated all day!  I wanted to write the date on the back and save them for the girls, oh well.  The experience was had, lessons were learned, and memories were made.  We were even able to get a Family picture at the end of it all.  Of course the woman that I asked to take our picture was not smartphone handy, so the picture is a tad blurry!