What’s Going On

I love to read other bloggers Currently posts so I thought I would do something similar.  For as organized and high-strung as I can be, I am extremely impulsive, so live in a constant state of being all over the place!  I constantly have too many things on my plate that need to get done and get done well.  I am the Queen of making lists and then having to make a list about my lists!  So I guess this is more of a blog showing my current priority list!

Get It Done Now:

I just finished the second of two books that I am reviewing for the wonderful Kathy Morelli and I have to get my reviews written up and posted.  The books were great and super informative but with my other readings I have to do I feel bad that I am taking so long to get this done.  Start my Community Project and Reflection Guide for my SBD training.  I am in love with everything I am learning and doing so far in this training,  I would like to obtain my certification sooner than later so I NEED to start my Community Project and Reflection Guide!  Get more homeschool organized, Corinne and McKenzie are loving doing “fun things” every day.  I would like to have a few weeks worth of activities and worksheets planned, printed, with their supply list, ready to go!

What I Want To Do:

Get more quotes and artwork on the walls in the girls’ playroom.  I have the frames, and know what I want, it’s JUST a matter of doing it.  Start working out more.  Ok let me be honest, I want to workout!  I am not one to focus on a number or stress over a size.  But I want to be healthy for myself and my family so I need to live a healthy lifestyle.  I would really like to know how others living in New England avoid the winter rut?  It’s hard when you are stuck inside day after day with the kids, I just have little motivation to be active.  It’s freaking cold outside!

What’s Going On:

Corinne is in the homestretch of Dance and Gymnastics classes.  Her dance recital is mid June and gymnastics ends around the same time.  Yes, we will be that crazy family that has like 30 people at her recital.  Hey, it’s her 1st and it’s also less than a week after her birthday so we are combining celebrations.  McKenzie is finding her voice and speaking it loud and clear in this house!  No more laid back and mellow Kenzie Bear!  She’s here and a force to be reckoned with!  My SBD training is amazing!  I am learning so much and it has sparked so much drive and enthusiasm that I need to reign myself in.  I am currently in the 7th of 8 weeks of online training and then there are two projects I need to complete.  I recently started a collection of tap and ballet shoes for Girls Inc which is a non-profit organization that is doing amazing things with young girls.  If you would like to donate some shoes or a Payless gift card please let me know!

What’s Happened:

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to speak on a panel of Birth Gurus!  I honestly was so low on the Todom Pole that I found myself listening to them speak in awe and forgetting that I was a speaker as well! I had some Labor of Love t-shirts made and am rocking them like crazy!  Ha ha!  Let me know if you want one!

What’s Caught My Eye:

Celebrity Apprentice, All Stars has us hooked already!  Omarosa drives me nuts but she makes for good rating so I’m sure she’ll be there for a while.  All my Housewives continue to crack me up and ! wonder what I watched before reality tv!  Nashville is still my current favorite and the soundtrack is amazing!

Well that’s it for me! Lol  What’s new with you?  If you do a Currently or a What’s Going On post, tag me so I can read it!

An unfortunuate reminder

This morning the girls and I went to our local Barnes and Nobles for some good ole story time.  Since the girls love to read and to be read to we can make a morning of it.  After about an hour of reading and some train table time we picked out a book to take home and headed out.


As I was walking across the parking lot with my 17 month old on one hip, my purse on the opposite shoulder, and my two year old holding my free I see a woman watching us and smiling.  As I got Corinne into her car seat I see that the woman is now standing at the end of my car waiting to talk to me.  I gave her a polite smile and proceeded to walk to McKenzie’s side.  As I am attempting to strap McKenzie into her car seat the woman now walks up to us to the point where we are shoulder to shoulder in between my car and the SUV parked next to me and is looking into my car to talk to Corinne.  At this point I am feeling extremely uncomfortable, my adrenaline is pumping, and I am frightened.  My protective Momma Bear mode kicks in and I tell this woman that she needs to back up immediately.  She smiles, apologizes and tells me the girls are beautiful and I am so blessed but is still shoulder to shoulder with me.  I again tell her that she needs to back away and to leave.  The woman then states that she works for a company that repairs auto glass and that they are doing a free safety evaluation or some junk like that.  This angers me even more because I feel like if she is telling the truth than she just scared the daylights out of me to solicit me and I HATE solicitation.  At this point the woman takes a few steps back but she is still at the end of my car and still too close for my comfort.  She then states that she is going to walk around and inspect my glass.  I told the woman to get away from my car or I was going to call 911 immediately.  After repeating it two more times she finally walked away and I quickly got into my car.

The whole ride home I could not stop thinking about what happened.  Especially since Corinne was repeatedly asking me who that woman was and what she was doing.  In my head I’m thinking if my two year old senses that something was not right than clearly her actions were out of line.  After I fed the girls lunch and put them down for a nap I called my local Police Department.  I felt like even if the woman was 100% honest about what she was doing it still was not right and something should be done.  This is where it gets scarier for me.  The Police officer I spoke with told me that I am the fourth person within a week to call with a similar story.  He told me that at this point they do not think that she works for a glass company and that how I reacted was good and safe.  I gave him all of our information and a full description of the woman. and stated that there should be more security there.

I literally hung up the phone and started crying.  My mind went to that horrible place where you imagine all of the horrible things that could have happened.  I don’t know what I would do if something traumatic ever happened to the girls.  Today was a reminder of the need to constantly be alert when in public, to be aware of your surroundings at all times, and to follow your instincts.  I can not prevent the actions of others, I can only do my best to stay safe.

So please, keep your heads up, stay off your phone unless necessary, and hold your kids tight.  And when something doesn’t feel right to you, do something.

Read and Do’s

Last week one of my favorite ladies I follow Dani Hampton posted on her blog Sometimes Sweet how her and her son did a Read and Do.  They read a book, and than did an activity related to the story.  Super simple, yet fun for the kiddos and an opportunity to cram in some great lessons!

Last night I went through our library of books and separated at least 25 that we can easily do this with.  Some a craft, others an activity like a game or baking.

Today we were rained in, still sick with colds and itching for something to do.  I went to my new pile of books and grabbed If You Give a Moose a Muffin and headed into the kitchen.  Just my luck we happened to have blueberry muffin mix in the cabinet and all of the needed ingredients.  The three of us sat and read the book together, which of course they loved.  After we looked at the pictures and talked about the story we brought the book into the kitchen with us to make our Moose Muffins.  The girls love to bake and it is hands down one of my favorite things to do with them.


My Helpers!



Enjoying the fruits of their labor!  We had so much fun and we are going to do this at least once a week!


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